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Rocca di Albornoz: photos, description (Rocca di Albornoz)

The Rocca di Albornoz in Urbino, the locals often simply called La Fortezza. An impressive building with fortified walls, looking at the city from the top of the hill of Pian del Monte, was built in the second half of the 14th century under the leadership of cardinal Anglico Grimoard for better control over the city. In the same century it was fortified by another cardinal Egidio Alvarez de Albornoz, whose name fortress is to this day. It is this papal legate was responsible for the conversion of most of the territories of the marches, administered the papal suzerainty.

Cardinal Albornoz decided that the old fortress, built during the reign of the Dukes of Montefeltro, did not meet the requirements of time and its purpose, and therefore engaged in a serious refurbishment. However, in 1375, the year in the course of the siege of Urbino by Antonio da Montefeltro, who took advantage of popular unrest and recaptured the city, the building of the fortress was significantly damaged. In the following century La Fortezza again and again been attacked, partially destroyed and rebuilt. All these events changed the original structure of the fortress and today it is a square structure with vertical walls, semicircular towers and ramparts. At the beginning of the 16th century La Fortezza became the Northern Outpost of new defensive walls of Urbino, to which it joined by the architect Giovanni Battista Comandino. And in 1799, the year when the fortress was occupied by French troops, was held the next reconstruction.

In 2010, the year within the walls of La Fortezza opened the Museum of weapons of the 15th century. Tourists are attracted not only by the ruins of ancient fortifications and Museum, but also breathtaking views from the hill, and a large Park around the fortress.