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Rocca Maggiore: photo description (Rocca Maggiore)

The Rocca Maggiore, an old castle built on a hill high above the city of Assisi. The earliest mention of the castle date back to 1174, when it was erected as a fief of the German emperors. Here several years of his childhood spent by the future Emperor Frederick II the Swabian. By the way, he's in 1197 at the age of three years was baptized in Assisi in the same baptismal font that St. Francis of Assisi. Just a year later, residents of the city, having used absence of owners of the castle, sacked it and destroyed.

The building lay in ruins until 1367, when cardinal Albornoz ordered to restore the fortress, using the Western part of the outer walls and part of the inner fortifications. And in 1458 Jacopo Piccinino, the then ruler of Assisi, erected the 12-sided tower and the long wall that connected the castle with the town. Two decades later, on the orders of Pope Sixtus IV was rebuilt donjon of the castle, and between 1535 and 1538 years at the initiative of Pope Paul III at the main gate was built another tower, this time round.

Today the Rocca Maggiore with its massive battlements dominate the city after the Church of San Francesco is the first attraction that tourists see driving up to Assisi. From the square in front of the castle offers wonderful views of downtown and the whole valley of Spoleto. Especially picturesque at dawn. Recently, the building was restored and today many elegant and impressive rooms are available for visitors. It regularly hosts various cultural events.

By the way, in Assisi there is another castle, much smaller than the Rocca Maggiore, but older - it was built in the Roman era. However, until present day it remained only a small part, and then lying in ruins.