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Croviana: photos, description Croviana)

Croviana - agricultural, handicraft and commercial center Val di sole. It consists of three districts - Licata, Croviana and Carbonara. Between the 17th and 18th centuries, this town was a favorite destination of the noble families of Lombardy and Trentino, and today tourism continues to play an important role in its economy.

Three villages make up the municipality Croviana, have different origins. Licata was founded in pre-Roman era, in fact Croviana - in the days of Ancient Rome and the Carbonara - only in the Middle ages. In the 13th century the commune was an important administrative center, which collects taxes and fees from the entire Val di sole. Then they began to build their residences of the aristocrats of Trentino: in the 14th century Palazzo Pizzini lift up, and today is considered a symbol of the city, in the 16th century in Croviana lived Bosetti and the first national poet of Trentino Cristoforo, and in the 17th century - Ladrone and lords Tonn, who generally came from these places. Later in the town housed a military air base, used during the First World war the Austro-Hungarian troops.

One of the most important sights Croviana is the Church of San Giorgio, the first mention of which belong to 1220-th year. Built in the Gothic style, it is remarkable the inner chapel, which is in 1611, the year built on the orders of the barons of Pectin and painted with frescoes depicting scenes from the life of the virgin Mary. The old altarpiece with Madonna and saints dated to 1579, the year - it decorates the nave of the Church.

Croviana is also known for its luxurious aristocratic Palazzo. In addition to the castle, in the town to explore the Palazzo Angeli with the sundial, Palazzo Taddei and Palazzo Satori with elegant Gothic and Renaissance portals and richly decorated halls.

On the banks of the Noce river in the town Fuzine is an old mill, built in the 18th century and renovated in 1993-m to year on the initiative of the government of the region. Today it is home to numerous volunteer and charitable organizations Croviana. The mill can be found on the road that leads to the Piazza, one of the most popular in the lower part of Val di sole villages.