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Chieti: photo description (Chieti)

Chieti is one of the most interesting towns located in the surroundings of Pescara on the shores of the river. It was founded in Roman times, however its greatest importance was during the Middle ages. That is why in Chieti has a great many monuments of history and architecture, built at the time and still attract tourists. The town's attractions include medieval churches, statues and other works of art.

For those interested in the architecture of the Middle ages, you should definitely explore the Gothic Cathedral of Chieti, with a wonderful marble altar, magnificent atmosphere, numerous priceless paintings and frescoes and an impressive bell tower. It was built in the 11th century, somewhat altered in the 14th and substantially rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries, after several earthquakes. Another interesting city Church - San Francesco al Corso, which holds the paintings of Ettore Graziani, Giovanni Battista Spinelli, as well as the amazing beauty of the stained glass window of the 12th century. Other religious buildings of Chieti is worth noting the Church of Sacro Monte dei morti and Santa Chiara. And under the Church of San Pietro e Paolo and the adjoining houses are the ruins of buildings of the 1st century BC.

Definitely worth a visit the national archaeological Museum of Abruzzo "Villa Frigeri", also located in Chieti and able to boast a collection of artifacts pre-Roman era. In addition, the city has a number of museums, including biomedical science Museum, Art Museum Costantino Barbella and Archeological Museum La Civitella.