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Chiavari: photo description (Chiavari)

Chiavari is a picturesque town situated in the Gulf of Tigullio, between Portofino and Moneglia. Known as one of the liveliest resorts of the Ligurian coast with a lovely promenade and pebble beach. In addition, in Chiavari there are many interesting monuments and medieval streets known as "carruggi".

To start with Chiavari can be one of the most interesting religious monuments - the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Orto, built between 1613 and 1633 years Leonie Cesario Marro. Immediately after the construction of the Cathedral was transferred to the Carmelite monks. Today the Cathedral looks like a neoclassical temple, although initially in his appearance discernible features of the Roman Pantheon is the preserved portico of eight Corinthian columns of white marble. Inside the Cathedral is decorated with works of art - frescoes, stucco and paintings by local artists of different periods.

In the center of Chiavari is also the Palazzo Giustizia, built in Tuscan Gothic style in 1886 year, the place of a medieval tower. And next are the so-called Palazzo Bianco was built in the neoclassical style, the town hall of the 19th century. In Piazza Matteotti, also known as carriage square, start the luxurious gardens of Villa Rocca, where you can see a bamboo forest, cacti, palm trees, pine trees and oak groves with fountains and ponds. Here, in the Park are the teahouse and the Temple of music.

Right behind the Park is located the Palazzo Rocca, built in the early 17th century by Bartolomeo Bianco. Today the building houses the Municipal gallery, the Archaeological Museum of Tigullio and the Historical Museum, dedicated to the movement for the unification of Italy.

Medieval town of Chiavari is rich in so-called "carrugi', the typical narrow streets with historical buildings. Perhaps the most curious of these is the Palazzo dei Portici Neri and Gothic façade and four black arched doors. Also pay attention to Colonia Fara - the striking building, built by the engineer Camillo Nardi Greco in the 20th century, in a futuristic style. Very unusual shape of the building, which is reminiscent of...the plane.

Of religious buildings is called the Church of San Giovanni in Rupinaro probably built in the 8-9 th centuries. Today it attracts by art Nouveau façade.