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Chiaramonte Gylfi: photos, description (Chiaramonte Gulfi)

Chiaramonte Gylfi is a small town 19 km from Ragusa, situated in the Hyblaean mountains, near their highest top - peak Arcibessi (903 m above sea level.m.). The town is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, which was recently equipped Parking area with wooden tables and benches, where visitors can picnic and admire the wonderful panoramas.

In the vicinity of Chiaramonte Gylfi had traces of prehistoric settlements belonging to the Neolithic period, the fragments of skeletons, decorative pottery and drawings, which are more than 4 thousand years! Nearby, on the banks of the river Dirillo, there is another ancient settlement - Scornavacca, once founded by the ancient Greeks on the route between Syracuse, Gelu, Agrigento and Selinunte. Most are made here finds exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Ragusa.

The origin of Miramonte Gylfi belongs to the 6th century BC, when these places were founded the town of Grilly, later ravaged by the Arabs. Survivors of the RAID, the settlers took refuge on the mountain Arcibessi, where he founded the actual Gylfi. In 1299, the year the city faced another attack, this time from the French soldiers, a large part of its inhabitants were brutally murdered. Later on the orders of Manfredi Chiaramonte, count of Modica, the city was rebuilt at a higher and safe place and surrounded by a wall. Manfredi also built the castle and gave the new city the name of his family. In 1693, the year the Chiaramonte Gylfi was seriously damaged during the earthquake, like most of southern Sicily.

Today in Chiaramonte Gylfi has several industries - manufacture of footwear, steel, furniture, mining and processing of marble, developed carpentry business, runs the cannery. In addition, the city is an important supplier of almonds, flour, fruit and, of course, olive oil is recognized around the world. There are also breed cattle and produce pork, sausages, different meats. During Carnival the city hosts the festival of the sausage "salsiccia".

Due to its location on a hill with panoramic views of the surroundings of Chiaramonte Gylfi is often called the "Balcony of Sicily". From almost every point of the city can see the outlines of the neighboring city of Gela, mount Etna, the valley Ippari with its settlements, the Iblei mountains and the sea in the distance. Medieval attractions Gylfi perfectly complement the buildings in the Baroque style, built after the earthquake of the 17th century.

Familiarity with the city usually starts with a visit to the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria La Nuova and the nearby Church of San Filippo with a pretty chapel of the rosary. Built in the 15th century and restored in 1720, the year, the Cathedral is a magnificent building, decorated with wonderful frescoes, paintings and sculptures. Another city landmark - the gateway Arch is known as the Annunziata, which overlooks the Church of San Giovanni. These gate - part of the ancient wall that once surrounded the city. The aforementioned Church of San Giovanni a remarkable portal with two Doric columns, ancient frescoes and a wooden statue of St. John from the 15th century. To the North of Chiaramonte Gylfi is the Shrine of Santuario di Gylfi is the only surviving building from the time of ancient settlement.