/ / Laguna del mort: a photo, description Laguna del Morto)

Laguna del mort: a photo, description Laguna del Morto)

Laguna del mort is located in the North-East of the Venetian lagoon, the resort of Lido di Jesolo. Until October 5th 1935, the year that is now called Laguna del mort, was the last cut of the Piave river before it flows into the Adriatic sea. But that day, unusually high rise of the water level, the river overflowed and changed direction, rushing to the sea. Her new mouth was located 3 km South of the former, and access the old channel was blocked by tons of mud and silt. The last part of the Piave river, thus deprived of constant access to fresh water and filled only at high tide. So was born the Laguna del mort.

Today this lagoon, spread over an area of over 125 hectares, is a natural habitat for numerous species of sea birds. It consists of sand dunes, and its banks are overgrown Maritime pines, which formed a characteristic of riparian flora and fauna ecosystem.

The main aquatic plants of the Lagoon del mort are sea grass and algae. In the South-East are covered with reed swamps, and the former bed of the river Piave is home to evergreen shrubs with stiff leaves and small blue or white flowers. Coastal dunes are highlighted in artificially created forest, consisting of Maritime pine, juniper, European sverbiga and sandy reed at the edge of the water.

As for the wild inhabitants of the Lagoon del mort, here you will see hares, weasels, European green toads, green lizards, Copperhead, snakes, mallards, Teal, svistukha and common Pochards. In addition, in the lagoon nesting Nightingale Warbler, birds and striped vienojoties Warbler. Sometimes you can see the honey Buzzards and red herons.

In 2011 year, the Laguna del mort has been named one of 11 most beautiful beaches in Italy according to Italian League for the protection of nature.