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Lazaretto: photos, description (Il Lazzaretto)

Lazaretto, also known as Mole Vanvitelliana is one of the main attractions of Ancona, capital of Italian Marche region. It is a huge building in the shape of a Pentagon, built by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli in the port town. This is a real self-sufficient "island" connected to the outside world through a small bridge - Lazzaretto of Ancona separates a small channel. The total area is about 20 thousand sq. m. Inside can fit up to 2 thousand people and a huge number of things. Thanks to the underwater system of cisterns, the building is fully Autonomous in terms of its supply with water.

The construction of the Lazaretto began in 1733, the year and ended only ten years later. In those years, in the early 18th century, Ancona was experiencing economic prosperity due to the acquisition of the status of Porto-Franco. In this regard, Pope Clement V commissioned the architect Vanvitelli to improve the infrastructure of the city's port. Last fully rebuilt the port, designed a new Marina on Lazaretto, which is located on an artificially created island. His initial task was the protection of the health of the inhabitants of Ancona, since the inside of the building during the quarantine, people were accommodated and a variety of goods, but also here were placed those who came to the city from infected areas. These functions are the reason that Lazaretto was isolated from the rest of the Ancona. Over time a powerful complex turned into a fortification and a military hospital, then used as a factory for the manufacture of sugar, and later tobacco. Finally, in 1997, the year in the walls of the Lazaretto began to hold temporary exhibitions and other cultural events. Part of the building is given to the unique Museum of tactile sensations, all of which exhibits you can touch. In addition, inside the Lazaretto and today you can see the rooms, once intended for carrying out sanitation procedures, and outside the premises used as warehouses.