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Laigueglia: photo description (Laigueglia)

Laigueglia is a quiet seaside resort in the Western part of the Ligurian coast in Northwest Italy. Right on the beach begins the town's main square Piazza Marconi with cafes and shops. From here you can go for a walk on the paved Wharf, which offers wonderful views of the sea and the town itself. The sandy beach is here, in the heart of Laigueglia, next to the Marina.

I must say that building Laigueglia are of no particular architectural value, there are no outstanding monuments of history and culture, but still a visit to this quiet town will bring pleasure to the tourists. The historic city center is mostly pedestrian, here you can find a few small squares and picturesque narrow streets. Above the centre of the town stands the large Church of San Matteo, built in the second half of the 18th century and the Baroque style. It is notable for small towers and decorated with majolica domes on both sides of the facade. Inside you can see several paintings by local artists, 16th-17th centuries, and a marble baptismal font of the 16th century. Near San Matteo is a small chapel of Santa Maria Maddalena, which is older than the Church for half a century. It also preserved religious artifacts 16-18-th centuries. Are there Ligule and other small churches of the 17th century.

Another interesting attraction Laigueglia - a round tower on the beach, built in the 16th century to protect the coast from pirate raids. Originally there were three towers, but in the reign of Napoleon two was destroyed to carry out the necessary construction works.

Of Laigueglia you can enjoy excursions in the nearby medieval village of Finalborgo - it was originally built at some distance from the coast, which allowed her not to get into the field of view of the pirates. Besides this, tourists can arrange a trip to Finale Ligure, Alassio or Albenga is an interesting resort towns, famous for its breathtaking landscapes and beautiful beaches.