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Laglio: photo description (Laglio)

Laglio is a small town on the Western shore of lake Como with a population of only about a thousand people and an area of 6 sq. km world famous Laglio received in 2001 when it bought a luxurious Villa of Hollywood actor George Clooney. This Villa Oleander - was owned by American businessman Henry Heinz. And now George Clooney spends his Italian "asylum" a significant part of the year. In addition, this Villa has filmed a few scenes from a famous Hollywood blockbuster "ocean's 12 friends". In 2007, Clooney expressed his protest to the municipality of Laglio in connection with the planned regeneration of the waterfront near his Villa, and even organized a rally for this reason.

In addition to Villa Oleander in Laglio worth seeing the Church of saints George and Cayetano Tirenskogo, built in 1619 and consecrated in 1630, the year the Bishop of Como, Lazzaro Caravino. Gable facade of the Church decorated stone portal of the 17th century; and in the center of the tympanum in the niche there is the statue of St. George made in 1937-38-m years by the sculptors Giuseppe Comitti and Dante Bianchi. Inside, the temple consists of a Central nave and five side chapels. The first chapel on the right is the baptismal font, the second is dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Bari, the third to St. Anthony of Padua. The chapel on the left dedicated to the Holy virgin of the rosary and Saint Joseph. The main altar of the Church of colored marble, made in 1747-1750, respectively, Giuseppe Buzzi and framed by numerous icons. The vault of the presbytery are decorated with stucco of the mid-18th century. Near the Church stands the chapel of Oratorio dei Contritely, built in 1643.