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Lanciano: photo description (Lanciano)

Lanciano is one of the most ancient towns in the surroundings of Pescara. Recently, during archaeological excavations on its territory have been found traces of settlements, which is about 7 thousand years! These findings certainly are of great historical and archaeological value, but still a large part of the settlement remains unexcavated. Much more accessible for tourists monuments belonging to the era of Ancient Rome and the Middle ages - they are not less interesting and exciting.

As in most other Italian towns, in Lanciano built many beautiful churches which attract not only believers, but also tourists - among them, should especially highlight the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Sant Agostino, San Nicola, San Francesco. Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the most important churches all over Abruzzo, since it contains priceless works of art. Very old building, built in the 13th century, is of considerable interest.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Ponte, so called due to the fact that it was built on the bridge, is a creation of architect Ikitelli. Within it is a Byzantine statue of the Madonna of the 8th century. And in the Church of San Francesco, with its second name, the Church of the Eucharistic Miracle (Chiesa del miracolo eucaristico), a wonderful thing happened that turned Lanciano to a place of pilgrimage. In the 8th century in the Church during the sacrament of the Eucharist, one of the priests doubted that the bread and wine turn into the Body and Blood of Christ. However, at the very moment when he broke the Eucharistic bread, he realized that in his hands was something else - a thin slice of human flesh. In the bowl was splashing the thick scarlet fluid had nothing to do with wine. Since then, the Church of San Francesco are stored Blood and Flesh, miraculously appeared to the world. The blood is in the antique bowl made of rock crystal and now, 12 centuries retains its properties! Interestingly, the result of scientific experiments conducted in the late 20th century, it was found that this blood belongs to the same group as blood found on the famous shroud of Turin.

Those who are more attracted to the medieval buildings, enjoy a walk through the historic centre of Lanciano with its defensive fortifications and strong walls. You should pay attention to the towers Torri Montanare 15th century, with a breathtaking view of the city.