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Laceno: photos, description (Laceno)

Laceno ski resort, located in the municipality of Bagnoli Irpino in the province of Avellino in the Italian region of Campania. It consists of the ski resort with 18 km of pistes, which are equipped with cannons for artificial snow production, lakes, caves Caliendo and the centre of mountain tourism.

Laceno was established in 1956 as a summer destination with opportunities for practicing outdoor sports, as well as a film festival "Laceno d'oro", which is then moved to Avellino. Between 1972 and 1975, the years was here built the lifts, and Laceno has developed into a popular ski resort with hotels, villas, boarding houses and restaurants.

Laceno, also known as piano Laceno or Lago Laceno, located in the Eastern part of the province of Avellino, near the border with the province of Salerno. It lies on a forested plain at an altitude of thousand meters above sea level surrounded by mountains, Cervialto and Iamagra that are part of a mountain range Picentini. 40 km from the provincial capital, Avellino, and 71 km from Naples.

Laceno was founded on the southern shore of a small lake that was once a swamp. Near the lake are the Grotte del Caliendo opened in 1992, the year Giovanni Rama. You can get here from Avellino - it only takes about half an hour. The nearest airport is in Naples.

Laceno economy based primarily on tourism, especially during the high season from December to March. The city has a chairlift that goes to the top of the mountain Iamagra with three stops. In addition there are many playgrounds for children. Proximity Laceno should be called the old shelter on the shore of the lake, built in the early 20th century and now abandoned, the chapel of Santa Nesta 19th century and the Grotte del Caliendo. Laceno in summer you can hike or go bird-watchinga, the benefit of the Kingdom of birds in the area is very diverse.