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Loggia dei Militi: photos, description (Loggia dei Militi)

Loggia dei Militi is one of the most ancient buildings of the Lombard city of Cremona, a popular tourist attraction. The inscription on a plaque embedded in the wall of the facade, States that the Loggia was built in 1292, the year.

Loggia dei Militi was a meeting place for members of the military society "Societa dei Militi", which existed long before the construction of this building and which includes the richest and most influential inhabitants of Cremona and the surrounding cities. In addition to the Loggia held a public meeting, it was also used for storage of flags, statutes, and other important social objects.

Loggia dei Militi in the architectural plan consists of two rectangular spaces, placed one above the other, like many other city buildings in the Lombardy of the period. Under the portico you can see the emblem of Cremona - a sculptural composition consisting of two Hercules that hold between the arms of the city. According to legend, Hercules was the founder of Cremona. I must say that the badge was moved to the Loggia dei Militi with Porta Margarita, which was destroyed in 1910, the year.