/ / Loreto Basilica: photo, description Basilica di Loreto)

Loreto Basilica: photo, description Basilica di Loreto)

Loreto Basilica, also known as Santa Casa, the Holy House, is one of the main pilgrimage centres of the Christian world, located in the vicinity of Ancona.

There is a legend that in the 4th century by Empress Helena during your walking through the Holy sites have discovered the same house, in which grew a virgin, and in which happened the miracle of the Annunciation. Elena commanded to build the house Church, but in the 13th century, during another Crusade, this Church was destroyed, and the house of the virgin Mary was in danger. Mysterious ways - according to legend, with the help of the angels - "Holy house" was transferred to Dalmatia in the area of Rijeka. They say that mother of God herself explained to the local Bishop the origin of this building. Historians believe that it was moved to Rijeka by order of the despot Nicephorus I.

No less mysterious and the fate of the Holy House - in the 13th century, it miraculously appeared in the town of Loreto near Ancona, where around it was built the Basilica. Almost immediately after this a tiny building with a total length of 8.5 meters and a width of 3.8 meters was one of the main shrines of Christian Europe. It is known that it was visited by rené Descartes and Pope Benedict XIV, and replicas of the Holy House was built in Prague and Warsaw. The building has a doorway on the North side and the window on the West, and in a niche inside there is the image of the virgin Mary with child, made of Lebanese cedar, and richly adorned with precious stones.

The current building Poretskoe Basilica in the late Gothic style was built after 1507, the year the Pope confirmed the authenticity of the Holy House with the help of a special bull. On the project of temple was worked Giuliano da Maiano, Giuliano da Sangallo and Danto Bramante, and Baroque bell tower is the creation of Vanvitelli. The interior of the Basilica is decorated with priceless frescoes by Signorelli and Melozzo mosaics and Domenichino and Guido Reni.

In front of the Church stands a huge statue of Pope Sixtus V, and above the main doorway there is a bronze statue of the virgin Mary with the Baby. The doors themselves were made in the late 16th century, Girolamo Lombardo, his sons and disciples, among whom was Tiburcio Vercelli is the author of the baptismal font of the Basilica.