/ / Mausoleum of Theodoric: photos, description (Mausoleo di Teodorico)

Mausoleum of Theodoric: photos, description (Mausoleo di Teodorico)

The mausoleum of Theodoric built by the king of the Ostrogoths Teodorihom 520-m, which are located in the outskirts of Ravenna. This is the only preserved monument of Gothic architecture and the only tomb of a barbarian king. In 1996, the year the mausoleum was included in the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO, and now has the status of a Museum open to tourists.

The mausoleum of Theodoric was built of Istrian stone on two levels with ten faces, which is crowned by a dome with a diameter of 10 meters. The dome was made from a single piece of stone weighing 300 tons. Of course, that the Goths were not technical adaptations in order to raise the monolith, so they filled the mausoleum the ground, dragged on the hill the dome, and then the ground was removed. Even then, in the 6th century, around the mausoleum housed the city cemetery.

When Ravenna came under the rule of the Byzantines, the body of Theodoric ruled and the building was turned into a Christian chapel. The sarcophagus terrible ostrogothic king, made of porphyry, are now empty. In the 19th century the mausoleum had to be repaired, as occurring near the Creek washed away the Foundation.

The building of the mausoleum, as mentioned above, has two tiers: the top is a sarcophagus of Theodoric, and the bottom serves as a chapel (probably, there was supposed to be buried in the Royal family). Decategory the bottom tier is decorated with semicircular arches, one of which is the entrance inside. On the perimeter there are six Windows. Upper layer, slightly smaller in size, but also has ten sides, a staircase. He gradually becomes a ring part on which rests the dome. Around the perimeter of the upper tier you can see the frieze. Under a huge, monolithic dome has traces of a mosaic cross that once adorned the space.