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Malcesine: photo description (Malcesine)

Malcesine is a small town on the shores of lake Garda, located 120 km Northwest of Venice and about 40 km from Verona.

The first inhabitants on the territory of modern Malcesine were the Etruscans. Then, about in 15 BC in their place came the Romans. Probably, the majestic fortress Rocca was built by the Lombards in the first half of the first Millennium of our era. It was several times destroyed and rebuilt. It is in this fortress stayed king Pepin, who came to Malcesine to meet two hermits, saints Benigno and Caro. Between 1277 and 1378 the years, the power in the city was in the hands of the powerful family Della Scala, which restored the castle and erected fortifications around him, gave him a new name - Castello Scaligero. In 1786, the great German poet Goethe was taken for a spy, when he made sketches of the castle. He will write later about this in his "Italian journey".

From 1405 in the years 1797 Malcesine was part of the Venetian Republic - then the city was known under the name Gardesana del Aqua, and the municipality was located in the Palazzo dei Capitani. From the late 18th to late 19th centuries the whole area was under the control of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Castello Scaligero was her main strong point.

Throughout its history, the picturesque Malcesine attracted famous artists and poets like Goethe, Kafka and Klimt who brought fame to the town and immortalized his name. Today this resort attracts crowds of tourists wishing to enjoy the local views and see the sights. With Castello Scaligero, dominating the city, enjoy a splendid view of lake Garda and the medieval center of Malcesine, which is a Museum, Pariani with valuable historical documents. The Palazzo dei Capitani, with its wonderful frescoes and painted ceilings in 1902, was declared a national monument. Also pay attention to the Church of San Stefano of the 8th century and Church of Santa Maria di Navene 11th century.

In Malcesine you can see the Monte Baldo (2218 metres), which runs the world's only cable car with rotating cabins - it takes the passengers to a height of 1750 meters. From there you can walk another few hundred meters. In the vicinity of Monte Boldo located the natural history Museum with a rich collection of exhibits of the local flora and fauna and the abode of saints Benigno and Caro.

Summer in Malcesine, you can enjoy a variety of water sports - Windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing and even diving. Fishing lovers will also find what to do in the waters of lake Garda are home to the most different species of fish. Monte Baldo attracts fans of Hiking and mountain trekking, climbing and mountain Biking. Especially popular in recent years is the so-called "Nordic walking". In winter the slopes of Monte Baldo are open to skiers. From Malcesine it is also easy to get to the ski resort Polsa - San Valentino.