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Marano lagunare: photo description (Marano Lagunare)

Marano lagunare is a small town located near the popular resort of Lignano on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Usually tourists staying in Lignano, go on day trips to Marano - you can get here by boat.

First and foremost Marano lagunare attracts with its atmosphere of the past, reminiscent of the powerful Venetian Republic - the Serenissima, as the Italians call it. In that distant era, the city was one of the most important centers of the Republic. Here and can be seen today was built in the 15-16-th centuries a luxurious Venetian Palace is the Loggia Maranesi, lined with stone from Istria. Near the Palace stands the tower of Millenaria the Millennium Tower with a height of 32 meters. The first mention of it belong to 1066-th year. Probably it was originally used as an Observatory tower. The tower was severely damaged during the earthquake in 1976-m to year, and its upper part was later rebuilt. On the same square of Marano lagunare is another Palazzo dei Provveditori, once the residence of the rulers of the city. Today it hosts various cultural events.

Of particular importance is the Lagoon of Marano, varying the salinity level of the water, which contributes to the fact that on its territory were formed and there are several different ecosystems. That is why it was created two nature reserves - Foca dello Stella and Valle Canal Novo.

First - Foca dello Stella takes the Delta of river Stella and the adjacent lagoon. You can only get here by boat. The reserve is an extensive and lush cane field, which crosses several streams. At the reserve inhabited by a huge number of bird species, many of which stop here during migration. A species such as, for example, red Heron nest here. Therefore, Foca dello Stella is a real Paradise for lovers of bird-watching.

Second, the nature reserve Valle Canal Novo - consists of the former fishing valley with an area of 35 hectares and several arable lands. The valley presented a lagoon with fish ponds, which, in fact, are salt marsh, because the valley has no permanent inflow of fresh water (its the only sources - rainfall and three artesian wells). On the territory of this nature reserve hosts a variety of sightseeing with the old fishing houses - casoni, observatories, and the bridge gone under water. By the way, many casoni today turned into restaurants, which serve delicious seafood prepared according to traditional recipes.