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Mattinata: photo description (Mattinata)

Mattinata is a popular seaside resort, located in the province of Foggia in the Italian region of Puglia. The city is located in the national Park "Gargano". A large part of it occupies two hills enclosed by mountains in the North, West and East, and faces the sea in the South. The North coast of Mattinata, famous for its white chalk cliffs, a huge number of impressive underwater caves and of course the two bird colonies Faraglioni (lonely cliffs sticking out of the water) in the Gulf of Zagare. And the area surrounding Mattinata is also very popular among nerds, thanks to the incredible diversity of the plant world, in particular, there are about 60 species of orchids!

The first inhabitants of the area were tribes of Eastern European origin, mainly from Greece and the Balkan Peninsula, who came here around the 5th century BC And the name Surely derives from the name of the Roman settlement Latinum, which in the 1st century ad was located near the site of the modern city port. However, the traces of this settlement remained relatively small.

Modern Mattinata is the result of migration of people from the town of Monte Sant'angelo for several centuries. In 1955, the year she became an independent city. Today the economy of Mattinata is based on the services sector and, partly, agriculture and livestock breeding. Tourism also plays a very important role in society.

Among the main attractions of the city can be called the necropolis of Monte Saraceno, with about 500 dauniskio graves, the ruins of the Benedictine Abbey of the Santissima trinità, the ruins of the Roman settlement Marinum and the aforementioned kekury Faraglioni.

Very close to Mattinata is another seaside resort - Peschici, which is also part of the national Park "Gargano". It occupies the North-Eastern part of the Gargano promontory.