/ / The lighthouse of Ancona: photo, description Faro di Ancona)

The lighthouse of Ancona: photo, description Faro di Ancona)

Old lighthouse of Ancona height of about 20 meters and is located next to the remains of the Arsenal today are the only reminders of the once prestigious status Ancona is a first - class citadel of the time of occurrence the city was a part of United Italy in 1860, the year. The lighthouse was built in 1859, the year on the hill of Cappuccini at the initiative of Pope Pius IX. It used Fresnel lenses, named after a French engineer who in the 19th century, invented a revolutionary optical engine with special concentric lenses collected so that direct light into a single point and reflect it over long distances. Later, the lighthouse was attached to the so-called Telegraph, on which, in 1904, the year Guglielmo Marconi first experimented with radio signal. In 1965-m to year because of the peculiarities of the geological structure of the earth in the place where stood the old lighthouse, 200 metres had to build a new one that performs its functions today. It also uses a Fresnel lens. The new lighthouse with a height of 15 meters has the shape of a square tower.

Nearby, the remains of a military Arsenal, which was once part of the city defensive system. His task was to prevent any potential attempt of the landing of the enemy on the shore. The Arsenal was built in a special way - his loose guns were located along the top of the Fort, which, in turn, was underground. Today you can see the ruins of the del semaforo Battery, and the Battery of Santa Teresa, located between the two beacons.

Until recently, an old lighthouse you can visit, a group of volunteer enthusiasts maintained it in good condition. However, a few years ago it was closed to the public. However, since then, the inhabitants of Ancona are campaigning for the restoration of the old tower and re-opening as a tourist attraction and symbol of the city. From the upper terrace of the lighthouse you can enjoy a wonderful view of Ancona, the Bay, the port and the Adriatic sea.