/ / The lighthouse Faro della Vittoria: photo description (Faro della Vittoria)

The lighthouse Faro della Vittoria: photo description (Faro della Vittoria)

The lighthouse Faro della Vittoria, towering 70 meters, stands on the hill of Poggio di Gretta in Trieste at an altitude of 60 meters above sea level on the ruins of an Austrian fortress Kressich, built in 1854, the year. This is one of the tallest lighthouses in the world.

The lighthouse itself was designed by a local architect with Arduino Barlaam in the years of the First World war. Initially it was assumed that it will be installed on the coast of Istria, near Pula (Croatia). However, later, it was the hill of Gretta was chosen for the erection of a lighthouse, because it housed a strong Foundation of the old Austrian fortress. Construction work began in 1923 and finished four years later, at the Grand opening of the lighthouse was attended by the king Vittorio Emanuele III. From 1979 to 1986-th years the lighthouse was closed for restoration. As the current assistant during a night navigation in the Gulf of Trieste, today the lighthouse also serves as a monument in memory of the sailors who died in the First World war, as the inscription at its base: "St in memory of those who died at sea".

The lighthouse Faro della Vittoria was built of stone slabs from the Karst and Istria, and is crowned with a dome with light camera operating at a distance of 30 miles. On top of the dome with 7 meter copper statue of the Winged Victoria of the work of Giovanni Mayer, and at the base of the lighthouse is the anchor of the destroyer "Audace", the first Italian ship came into the port of Trieste in 1918, the year (year of entering the city was a part of Italy). Destroyer, by the way, gave the name to the city pier Audace. The entrance to the lighthouse is decorated with two shells with the Austrian battleship "SMS Viribus Unitis", and on the facade you can see the 8.5-foot statue of a sailor from the same Meyer.

The lighthouse Faro della Vittoria is an interesting attraction of Trieste. It has a magnificent landscape with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Trieste. It is particularly interesting to watch out for the famous historical regatta, the Barcolana. The interior of the lighthouse can be viewed on the weekends, but tourist access is allowed only to the first terraces of this monumental structure.