/ / Megara, Illya: photos, description (Megara Hyblaea)

Megara, Illya: photos, description (Megara Hyblaea)

Megara, Iplaya - the name of the ancient Greek colony on the Eastern shore of Sicily, situated near Augusta, about 20 km Northwest of Syracuse. I must say that in Sicily were from 3 to 5 cities with the name of Illia that are often confused with each other. No doubt only that it was a Greek colony, and the circumstances of its creation are described in detail by the historian Thucydides. He writes that the natives of the Greek city of Megara under the leadership of Lamis arrived in Sicily and settled near the mouth of the river Panagias in the town of Tration. From there they later moved to the Cape or Peninsula Thapsos, near Syracuse, and after the death of Lamis, with the filing of Eblana, ruler of Sicily, settled in the place which is now known as Megara, Ibolya. It was in the 8th century BC

About the first years of the existence of the colony is little known, but, probably, it flourished as a hundred years after the founding came from Megara went to the other end of Sicily, where they founded the city of Selinunte, which later became much more powerful than the Megara.

About 483 BC Gelon, tyrant of Gela and Syracuse, after a long siege, proclaimed himself ruler of Megara surrendered and sold most of it inhabitants into slavery. Among them was Apichart, the famous philosopher, poet and playwright. After this event the city was not able to revive its former glory and greatness.

During excavations in 1891, near Syracuse, was discovered North of the Western city walls of Megara, which was also a dam for flood protection, a vast necropolis with 1,500 graves and the vault things of the ancient temple.