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Meina: photo description (Meina)

Maine is a popular vacation spot on the shore of Lago Maggiore with a number of luxury villas of the 19th century: Villa Eden, Villa Faraguna, Villa Pasta "La Favorita", Villa Bonomi, Villa Faraone and is located in Bedonia. Also noteworthy historic buildings of Meina and picturesque old city centre.

Of course, the most remarkable Villa Meina is a Villa Faraguna, famous for its architecture and art collection. An elegant building separated from the street by a majestic gate, which is guarded by two marble lions pricewhich, was built in 1855 as a summer residence of an aristocratic family of Paragana of Novara. The facade of the Villa, perfectly reproducing the neoclassical style, decorated with high reliefs with allegorical depiction of the Roman goddess of Fame, five medallions with the portraits of Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch, Ariosto and tasso, and eleven busts of other illustrious Italians.

The Senator is Faraguna, a true patron of the arts and a lover of rare and antique knick-knacks, gathered at his Villa a huge collection of various works of art and historical treasures. In addition, the Villa once housed the original Museum of Zoology, in which one could see a stuffed African animals. After the death of Senator Faraguna Villa fell into disrepair, and its interior was much damaged, especially in the years of the Second World war, when it was used as an extraction point, and later as the billeting place for soldiers from South Africa and the Jews who survived the concentration camps. Today it houses a nursing home. And the territory is still a lush garden you can see many ancient trees, which more than a hundred years.