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Menaggio: photos, description (Menaggio)

Menaggio town located on the Western shore of lake Como, where begins the valley, connecting Como with lake Lugano. Such a favorable geographical location makes Menaggio very busy city. At the beginning of the 19th century there were the first tourists who were fascinated by the beauty of the local landscapes and mild climate. At the same time was built the first luxury hotels and villas.

Menaggio consists of the Central district and three districts - Lovenna, Nobiallo and Croce, with a total population of about 3200 people. The "heart" of old town is the Piazza Garibaldi, located just off the Harbor. In via Calvi among the many fashionable shops you can see the old Church of Santa Marta. A narrow cobbled street leads to the area known to the locals as Castello. The castle was destroyed in 1523, the year he was only the ruins of the once powerful defensive walls. Over the ruins of the castle stands the Church of San Carlo, built in 1614, the year.

District Lovenna is famous for its aristocratic buildings - Villa Belle Faggio, Villa, Garofalo Ricci, Villa Mylius of Vigoni and Villa Garofalo. Today, they are the property of the German-Italian cultural Foundation, which organises receptions at the highest level. Villa Mylius of Vigoni also known for its rich collection of paintings, sculptures and furnishings of the 18th century. It is surrounded by an English garden designed by Giuseppe Balzaretti: wonderful orchids, centennial trees and exotic plants create a unique atmosphere.

Thanks to the excellent transport network Menaggio is an ideal starting point for various excursions in the surrounding area: take a boat ride you can see the old aristocratic villas with spectacular parks, the bus ride through the scenic valleys, dotted with numerous hamlets and small Romanesque churches and by foot or mountain bike you can visit the Park of Val Sanagra. The latter is a large space with old rural settlements and numerous Hiking trails. One of them starts in the town Pianoro a 40-minute walk from Menaggio and goes along the river Sanagra among ancient mills and furnaces that used the hydraulic energy of the river. The trail leads to the village with the romantic name of Monti di Madri - mother Mountain. Another route, also originating in Pianoro, goes through the Codognè with ancient elegant villas that were once owned by the local feudal lords and barons, and leads to "Il Regolare" - the incredible size of the oak. In one of the villas of Codogne Villa Camozzi - Ethnographic Museum of Val of Sangri which halls dedicated to the local flora, fauna and fossil remains found in the Park.

Active guests can try climbing to the top of Monte Grona or play Golf on the magnificent Golf course, established in 1907, the year. In addition, Menaggio a sports centre, 25-metre swimming pool, children's pool and wide beach. In winter, the slopes of the surrounding mountains you can go skiing.