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Mergozzo: photo description (Mergozzo)

Mergozzo is one of the most picturesque villages on the coast of Lago Maggiore. Since the spring, it is filled with tourists and is becoming a very popular vacation spot on the lake. Its ancient stone houses huddle to each other, separated only by narrow stairs. The Central area of Mergozzo adorned with a huge ancient elm - according to historical documents, that it is at least 400 years! Today it is completely empty inside the tree is called "monumental tree of the Piedmont".

Mergozzo was inhabited in antiquity, as evidenced by the exhibits in the local Antique Museum, they date back to the bronze age. There you can see old tools, once used for the extraction and shaping of the granite quarries of Montorfano and the marble from Kandoli.

In the town Groppoli is important megalithic complex with a snake-like chute. Having the shape of an ellipse, surrounded by a stone wall and covered with huge granite boulders, this is known as CA’ d La Norma dates back to the Neolithic period. The careful arrangement of boulders, wide front area and the petroglyphs on the outer surface suggest that it was the megalithic funerary complex erected by society, which has reached a certain level of self-organization.

In the surroundings of Mergozzo offers several trails, going through beautiful countryside. For example, the sentiero Azzurro - Blue Trail leads to the hamlet of Montorfano. Very popular with locals and tourists beaches Mergozzo, where you can play beach volleyball or sit at the bar. For children there are playgrounds. Well worth a try "fugative" - a delicious pie that is prepared in Mergozzo. To get to this town by road from Domodossola.