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Metaponto: photo description (Metaponto)

Metaponto was once a rich and prosperous settlement of the Magna Graecia on the Ionian coast of Italy. The colony was founded in the 7th century BC - it is here, by the way, was born the great Pythagoras. From that era to have survived the numerous archaeological artifacts, which are now on display to tourists, for example, "Tavola, the Palatine - columns belonging to the ancient Greek temple of the goddess Hera of the 6th century BC Or the huge Doric columns of the temple of Apollo, standing in the center of the ancient city. Preserved the ruins of an amphitheater of the same period. The best place to experience ancient history of Metaponto is the national archaeological Museum, which collected about 2 thousand exhibits from the bronze age - the time of the founding of the colony up to the period of the Roman Empire.

3 km from the railway station, Metaponto is a beautiful beach with Golden sand stretching for about 3 km. in Summer the temperature here warms up to +30 º C, which attracts sun-seekers. This place is suitable for families with children, as the seabed begins to drop in only 30-35 metres from the shore. Another popular beach is located at the nearby town of Policoro is a well-maintained sand and pebble beach, along which you can find bars and cafes for every taste. A little further are several smaller and therefore more intimate beaches. In General, the Ionian coast of Basilicata, has become one of the favorite places of tourists. It is characterized by wide beaches, clean sea and shallow water. Beaches, tourist campsites, guest houses and hotels located around the coast from Metaponto to Pisticci. He Metaponto boasts a Golf course with 18 holes. And near Policoro lies the natural Park "Bosco Pantano" center of protection of wild animals. In the Park you can enjoy konchuu a walk on the beach or go for a small trekking, archery or Canoeing or just watching the birds, of which there are over 170 species!

In the vicinity of the coastal Metaponto there are several interesting historic towns: Tursi Arab-Norman-quarter Rabutan, abandoned, Krako, which has repeatedly made films, Valsinni, Aliano, Pisticci, with its white buildings, Bernalda and, of course, is known worldwide mater.