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Molveno: photo description (Molveno)

Molveno is a picturesque village situated on the shores of the lake at the foot of the mountain massif of the Dolomiti di Brenta and has long favored by fans of active rest. It is especially popular among climbers and hikers. In addition, Molveno is the ideal place for those looking for unity with nature or immersing in the story. In the crystal clear waters of lake Molveno reflects the impressive peaks of the Dolomiti di Brenta, the local monuments, like the still-working water mill of the 13th century or the Church of San vigilio di marebbe attract tourists.

The maximum depth of the lake Molveno is 123 meters making it the deepest lake in the entire province of Trentino. The average depth ranges from 3 to 49 meters. In length the lake is 4-5 km, and a maximum width of 1.5 km and is considered the largest Alpine lake located above the level of 800 meters above sea level. In Molveno flow numerous rivers and streams cascading from the surrounding mountains. In its waters are found the most different species of fish, including trout, Arctic char and perch. And on the banks of the lake one can see rabbits, roes, deer and other animals.

In summer on the territory of Molveno can practice different sports, such as Windsurfing or sailing and fishing, rafting or just a swim. Do not forget about walks along the lake, whose shores a Parking space for tents. And in the town there is a multifunctional centre with facilities for volleyball and basketball, a gymnasium, and a training wall for climbers.

Molveno in winter becomes a Paradise for lovers of mountain skiing and snowboarding. There is easy access to the ski area Paganella, with its 50 km of trails.