/ / The monastery of Valle Christi: photo description (Monastero di Valle Christi)

The monastery of Valle Christi: photo description (Monastero di Valle Christi)

The monastery of Valle Christi is a tourist attraction located in the district of San Massimo Rapallo among the surrounding hills, just three kilometers from the coast. The ruins of the old monastery is very picturesque and attracts many visitors. Gabled bell tower with a small arch and three arched Windows in the belfry is well preserved. Also see the Gothic arches collapsed arch of the temple and the apse from the transept. Monastic ruins stand out against the green valleys surrounded by beautiful nature, filled with calmness and peace.

The monastery of Valle Christi was founded in 1204, the year in the lands granted to the Genoese Archbishop Ottone Gilini spouses Tibia and Altillo De Marie. The main building is built in French Gothic style, consisted of a single nave. The exact date of its construction is unknown, as is whether he was initially the architectural appearance, which can be seen in its ruins today. However, it is known that for the first three and a half centuries of its existence, the monastery was not rebuilt. To the present day preserved only the Romanesque bell tower with pointed arches and graceful columns in the belfry, the apse, the walls and masonry floor with grassy steps.

Originally, the monastery belonged to the Cistercian order, and then Clarissa. Once within its walls the relics of St. Blaise, given to monks Genoese captain Gaspare Spinola (today they are stored in the Basilica of Rapallo). In 1568, the year by order of Pope Pius V he was Oberman and abandoned by the monks. For a long time the monastery was used to house and as a warehouse for agriculture. Today among the ruins of ancient buildings there are theatrical and musical performances during the annual summer program of Cultural associations of Valle Christi, created in order to give new life to this monument.