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Monte Massico: photos, description (Monte Massico)

Monte Massico, a small mountain range located on the southern tip Kompanijskog plain and is notable for lush Mediterranean vegetation. It stretches from the extinct volcano Roccamonfina in the North to the coast of the Tyrrhenian sea in the South. In the East the mountain range is bounded by the plain of the river Volturno, and on the West - plain of the river Garigliano.

It is said that once at the foot of Monte Massico myself the God Bacchus (Bacchus), and it took an old man named Falerno, who gave him his last meal. Bacchus decided to thank the old man and turned milk into wine, and mount Massico, in the fertile wine-growing region.

Today Monte Massico is part of the natural Park, overseen by the international organization WWF. This Park was established in 1998 and is situated on the territory of 40 acres. In addition to the massico mountains, the slopes of which are covered with Holm oaks, hornbeam, oleanders, broom and olive groves, the Park also includes lake Falciano. On its shores you can find more than 90 species of birds! Among them, the Buzzard, tawny owl, vulture, Kestrel, owl. On land inhabited by wild boars, foxes, badgers, stone Martens, hedgehogs, moles, and various rodents and other small animals. Throughout the Park offers Hiking trails and picnic and rest.