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Monte Musine: photos, description (Monte Musine)

Monte Musine, or just Musine, is a mountain in the Graian Alps in the territory of the Italian region of Piedmont. The famous memorial cross installed on the top, and the fact that it is located very close to the Turin mountain. Its outline visible from all over the Piedmont plains, and hills in the provinces of Biella and Vercelli.

Monte Musine - the easternmost mountain of the long ridge running from Rocciamelone and separating the Val di Susa and Val di Lanzo. The main top - Trak del Eremita (Hill of the Hermit, the height of 1101 meters) is surrounded by several lower peaks. To the East, at a height of 535 m, is the monastery of Sant Abaco in the North, on the slopes of Monte Calvo, paved road via Crucis leading to the chapel.

On the slopes of Monte Musine and its surroundings were discovered several prehistoric archaeological sites, including the remains of the hut, dated to the early bronze age (about 1700 BC). Around the village of Almese also has found several archaeological sites of the late iron age. There are also Roman finds: village house in Caselette and a huge residential Villa in almese. According to local legend, in the vicinity of Monte Musine the Roman Emperor Constantine I saw a flaming cross and the words "SIM conquer!" (In hoc signo vinces). In 1905-m to year on top of the mountain was erected a 15-foot cross.

Interestingly, in the vicinity of Monte Musine several times unidentified flying objects. The most famous case occurred in December 1978, the year when two young traveller on the hillside saw a bright light. One of them went to look for the source of light and disappeared. The second went in search of a friend and soon found him in a state of shock and with a large burn on his leg. When consciousness returned to the young man, he said that he saw a strange oblong device and several released from his creatures. The two young men some time after the incident was suffering from conjunctivitis.