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Monterosso almo: photos, description (Monterosso Almo)

Monterosso almo is a small town 24 km from Ragusa, perched on top of a high hill in the Hyblaean mountains. It is the highest and southernmost town of the province of Ragusa. It is divided into two parts - upper and lower Monterosso almo. The territory of the modern city was inhabited in antiquity, evidenced by the numerous necropolis discovered in the surrounding area. One of the settlements was excavated on mount Kazia inhabited by tribes Shilov. In the 4th century BC a small settlement on the site of Monterosso almo with neighbouring villages Gylfi and Imito was handed over to the Byzantines. In the years of Norman domination in Sicily is a settlement called Monte Igalo belonged to a certain Enrico Rosso from Aidone, who built a castle here, alas, not extant. Later Monterosso almo became part of the County of Modica. In 1693, the year a terrible earthquake leveled the city, killing more than 200 of its inhabitants.

Today Monterosso almo is renowned for its agriculture - it grows cereals, almonds, olives, nuts and of course cherries "raffini", known for its large size and extraordinary taste. In addition, it produces excellent cheese "Pecorino". That these two products are the subject of several festivals held in the city throughout the year. During Carnival in Monterosso almo is the big parade with allegorical platforms and costumed processions. A festival in honor of San Giovanni, the patron Saint of the city, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the island and the mainland of Italy.

For exploring Monterosso almo will have to wander through its narrow streets. The Baroque Church of San Giovanni attracts the attention of a beautiful dome and the elegant facade. Inside it is decorated with stucco. At the Central town square stands the building of the secularized Church of Santa Anna, framed on both sides by palaces in neklassicheskie style. In the lower part of the city you can explore the three-nave Church of Chiesa Madre is a national monument, rebuilt in neo-Gothic style after the earthquake of the 17th century. It holds several works of art including a wooden crucifix of the 15th century and two tanks of the 16th century with Holy water. Two other national monument in the city - Palazzo Zacco and San Antonio - also attract tourists with their interiors.

Outside of Monterosso almo you can find several natural and archaeological attractions, such as Grotte dei Santi (saints cave) and the Grotte dei Denari (the"cash cave") with ancient tombs carved directly into the rock, and later turned into a dwelling. According to legend, once upon a time in the cave of the Grotte dei denari was the buried money, which can be found today with the help of magical rituals.

Tourists can also go on an excursion to a neighboring village and Calaforno of Monte Lauro, offering breathtaking panoramic views over much of the province of Ragusa.