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Montesilvano: photo description (Montesilvano)

Montesilvano compared to other cities and towns in the province of Pescara is a relatively young city - it was founded only in the 11th century. And because of the lack of monuments of history and architecture of Ancient Rome, which abound in other nearby cities, lake Como attracts with its medieval atmosphere. For example, on a hill in Montesilvano Colle, in an old part of the city, preserved medieval citadel and many other buildings of the same period. Here you can see several beautiful churches, such as San Michele and the Madonna della Neve of the 13th century. The latter, however, was rebuilt a couple hundred years ago, but kept part of the frescoes of the 16th century. Delfino Villa was built in the 18th century. It is surrounded by a large pine forest, and near it, a sandy beach and part of the local nature reserve "Pineta di Santa Filomena".

Along the coast of lake Como is a Cycling path which is in the South, connects with the cycle path of Pescara, together they are part of an ambitious project Ciclovia Adriatica, designed to pave the Bicycle route along the Adriatic coast.