/ / The monumental complex of Saint Peter: photo description (Complesso monumentale di San Pietro)

The monumental complex of Saint Peter: photo description (Complesso monumentale di San Pietro)

The monumental complex of St. Peter's is a series of buildings, connected to each other and used in various social and cultural purposes. In addition, it is also a monument of architecture. There is a conference hall for 160 seats, a lecture hall, children's center, cinema, library and photo library. Benedictine monastery of the 16th century, under the protection of the state, is now home to the municipal Library "Stroppa" and Museum of the City of Marsala. And old cells square towers and the former refectory converted into exhibition halls.

Urban Museum of Rome is divided into three sections. The first is devoted to the national hero of Italy Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Risorgimento movement. This section was founded by Giacomo Giustolisi: there were various exhibits about the period of the unification of Italy, old flyers, original documents, paintings and portraits, uniforms, weapons, including swords, revolvers, rifles and bayonets, as well as photographs, medals and many other things related to the famous campaign of Garibaldi's "Expedition of the Thousand." In this room you can see the most decorated painted chair, which is said to have rested after the landing of Garibaldi in Sicily.

The second section is dedicated to archaeology. It is the residence of the International center for the study of Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman heritage and Mediterranean research laboratory. Exhibits presented here is a variety of vases, vessels, small amphorae, bowls and other utensils, made in the era of the existence of Lilibet. Items placed in three halls and Dating from the 4th century BC - 2nd century ad

Finally, in the section of Folk Traditions are kept the costumes worn on Holy Thursday and donated to the monks of St. Anne's Church, and masks. The tradition of celebrating Passion Thursday has its roots 300 years ago and is one of the most important in Marsala.