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Monza: photo description (Monza)

Monza is one of the largest cities in the Italian region of Lombardia, province of Monza and Brianza, located at the river Lambro. The first mention of the village of Medicia belong to the 6th century, when by order of the Lombard Queen Theodelinda the Palace was built and a monastery founded. In the middle Ages Monza for some time, gained independence from Milan, during the Italian wars of the city, several times besieged, was ravaged by the troops of Charles V. In 1900 year, it killed king Umberto I in memory of the tragic event was built Expiatory chapel. Today Monza is known as one of the cities of the Formula 1.

Proximity to Monza in the first place it is worth noting the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, which was founded in the 6th century by order of the same Theodelinda. The construction of the present building was begun in the 14th century at the initiative of the family of Visconti and was only completed in 1741, the year. The Cathedral is notable for the green and white facade and bell tower of the 16th century, and inside is kept the iron crown of Lombardy, which, in 1805, the year was crowned Napoleon Bonaparte. In General, in Monza preserved many medieval churches and chapels in the typical style of the Lombard Gothic architecture - for example, the Church of Santa Maria in Strada, with luxurious terracotta façade.

Another attraction of the Monza Royal Villa, built in the style of classicism in the late 18th century by the architect Giuseppe Piermarini for the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand. Today the Villa is transformed into a venue for cultural events. Finally, it is worth to take a tour of the 13th century with a huge tower. And Capitulary the library has a collection of medieval manuscripts, including a letter of Pope Gregory to Queen Theodelinda of the 7th century.

There in Monza and walking areas - for example, the Park of Monza and the gardens of the Royal Villa. The historical Park is considered one of Europe's largest walled - it is spread over 685 hectares in the Northern part of the city.