/ / Marine aquarium: a photo, a description (Acquario Marino della Citta di Trieste)

Marine aquarium: a photo, a description (Acquario Marino della Citta di Trieste)

Marine aquarium will appeal not only to children but also to anyone interested in marine life the Gulf of Trieste. Thirty small tanks contain typical Adriatic fish and crustaceans, and a large octagonal aquarium, you can see large fish and stingrays and small sharks.

In the recent past, the main "star" Marine aquarium of Trieste was a penguin named Marco. Selected merchant ship of the Italian shipping company Lloyd Triestino" in South Africa in 1953 year, the penguin was brought to Trieste, where for 31 years he was adored and petted all residents and guests of the city. Buyers, came to located next to the aquarium fish market, often can see Marco, always ready to pose for photos and get a treat. During his long life, Marco became the mascot of Trieste.

On the top floor of the Maritime aquarium is a vivarium, which is very unusual for aquariums. In various terrariums contain reptiles and amphibians, typical of the fauna of the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the surrounding area, including snakes, toads and frogs. However, the main attraction here is the terrarium, where you can see the pythons (one of them reaches a length of 4 meters!), Boas and iguanas in all their glory.

Interesting fact - water storage tank fish taken from the sea, at the pier, and then is pumped to the clock tower to a height of about 10 meters. There it passes through graziottin, then using gravity to descend into the tanks on the ground floor. Such a system allows the aquarium to constantly change the water, leaving the plankton intact.