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The bridge of Sighs, Ponte dei Sospiri)

The bridge of Sighs, whose name in Italian sounds like Ponte dei Sospiri, is perhaps one of the most famous sights of Venice. The bridge was built in 1602, the year the architect Antonio Contino, whose uncle, incidentally, was the author of another Venetian bridge Rialto. Indoor Ponte dei Sospiri built of white limestone and has window openings with stone lattices. Graceful design in the Baroque style of the Palace connects the banks of the canal Rio di Palazzo. On one Bank stands the famous Palazzo Ducale, which once housed the courtroom, and on the other - the prison building. By the way, this building is considered the world's first prison built specially for the detention of criminals.

According to the common interpretation, the name of the Bridge of Sighs comes from the sad sighs of prisoners who were held in custody over the bridge and threw a last look at beautiful Venice. Interestingly, the interpretation of this in the 19th century, suggested the great English poet Lord Byron. In fact, by the early 17th century when the bridge was built, the harsh times of the Inquisition and executions have been prison cells were occupied mostly by small speculators and fraudsters. Moreover, because of the very stone of the railings, which frame the Windows of the bridge, the view from it has not particularly exciting.

Probably because of these inconsistencies arose another version of the origin of the name Bridge of Sighs - according to her, the gasps these were not convicts, as in love. Today there is a belief that if lovers kiss on a gondola, passing at sunset under the Ponte dei Sospiri, their feelings will be destined to last forever.

The popularity of the Bridge of Sighs is so great, that worldwide constructed several structures of the same name. For example, in the English Oxford in 1914, the year a bridge was built similar in size to the Ponte dei Sospiri, with the Rialto bridge. Your Bridge of Sighs is in Cambridge - it really is not too similar to the original. In Lima, the capital of Peru, is the Puente de Los Suspiros, which is considered one of the most romantic places in the city. Finally, a small copy of the Ponte dei Sospiri exists in new York, this bridge connects two buildings of the complex "Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower".