/ / The bridge of the Constitution: photos, description (Ponte della Costituzione)

The bridge of the Constitution: photos, description (Ponte della Costituzione)

The bridge of the Constitution - perhaps the youngest bridge of Venice and one of the four that connects the banks of the Grand canal. It was built in 2008 year by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and tied the train station of Venezia Santa Lucia to Piazzale Roma which is the bus station. In people it is known as the Bridge of Calatrava, the Fourth bridge, but its official name was in honor of the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the Italian Constitution.

The first project is the construction of the fourth bridge over the Grand canal was approved by the municipality of Venice in 1999-m to year. At the same time for its development were invited to the Spaniard Calatrava, which provided for the erection of the arch bridge. Part of the design was created outside Venice and was delivered to the city on special barges. The Foundation of the bridge is made of concrete blocks and steps - Istrian stone, typical of Venetian architecture. Glass parapets crowned with bronze handrails with lighting. The length of the Bridge of the Constitution, equal to almost 80 meters, the width varies from 9.4 to 17.7 metres and the arch height of 7 meters.

Still under construction, the bridge has caused a wave of national criticism. First, residents were unhappy that the new bridge looks very modern and fits in with the medieval Venetian architectural ensemble. The choice of location also seemed to fail - very close to the Bridge of the Constitution is the Scalzi Bridge, the construction of which at the time also caused a lot of angry responses. Numerous protests and criticism of society has meant that the authorities had to cancel the formal inauguration of the bridge - it was opened without any ceremony.