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Ponte Annibale: photos, description (Ponte Annibale)

Ponte Annibale - tourist attractions of the Ligurian resort town of Rapallo. Near the tourist port, on the road leading from Rapallo to Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino, you can see the ancient single-span arch bridge, built of stone and popularly known as Ponte di Annibale (Hannibal Bridge).

Its name he received because, according to legend, during the Second Punic war on the coast of modern Rapallo located sea port, where, moored commercial vessels, with reinforcements for the soldiers of Hannibal, who took the battle to the famous Battle at Trebbia 218-m BC But this is just a guess - there is no reliable evidence that Hannibal, through the Alps in the 3rd century BC, then set on the Ligurian coast and ordered to build a bridge. None of the documents, drawings or maps, preserved from the ancient times, there was no sign that this great warrior of the past had something to do with this impressive structure that survived for millennia.

Ponte Annibale always mentioned in connection with Boate river (formerly also known as Bolero and Borage), and, most likely, no other purpose he had, in the village of Rapallo with the neighbouring villages of pagan, Pechino and Porto Delfino. The first documentary mentioned in 1049, the year - to the endowment act States that one of Reynaldo passes the Church of Santa Maria di Castello all their estates, including the land located around the bridge (including 10 olive trees and Fig five).

Because of the constant floods, the bridge Ponte Annibale often restored, carefully this was done in 1733, the year. And in 1823, the year when the whole Liguria was annexed to the Sardinian Kingdom, it was decided to drain the river Boate to turn her into the road to Santa Margherita Ligure. That is why today the bridge, admiring the ancient stone walls and smooth lines, it remains only a monument of antiquity, have lost their purpose.