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Ponte Vecchio: photo description (Ponte Vecchio)

Ponte Vecchio - the oldest bridge of the city, and not only because it is the only bridge retaining its original appearance, but also because it is located on the very spot where they built the three previous bridge: the Roman bridge; the bridge collapsed in 1117, and the bridge demolished during the flood of 1333. The bridge that you see today is the creation of architect Neri di Fioravante (1345), creating a solid yet lightweight and elegant design of three arches.

A distinctive feature of the Ponte Vecchio - a series of houses crowding on either side. Monotonous Stroy extended in one line of buildings of the XIV century over time were affected by different transformations. Their modern appearance is extremely picturesque. In the center of the bridge spans a number of buildings is interrupted, giving way to an open area, where you can admire the river and the other bridges of the city. Above the buildings is the Vasari Corridor, named after the architect who designed it specifically to Cosimo I could safely pass from Palazzo Vecchio in the Palazzo Pitti. Since the XIV century shops of the bridge turned into jewelry stores and shops. In the middle of the bridge there is a bust of the famous sculptor and goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini.