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Ponte Pietra: photos, description (Ponte Pietra)

The Ponte Pietra, which translated from Italian means "stone bridge" is an arch bridge connecting the banks of the river Adige. It was built in the late 1st century BC through the Ford and originally named the Pont Marmoreus. Later, as a result of the numerous reconstructions due to floods and earthquakes, it received its current name. Once it passed the famous Postumia road leads from Genoa to the Brenner pass in the Alps. In ancient Roman times, was built next to a similar bridge - Ponte Postumio, which, together with the Ponte Pietra framed antique Roman Theatre. The stage unfolded majestic Navoiy - "sea battle". In 1298 by order of Alberto I della Scala was rebuilt closest to the right Bank of the Adige span. The total length of the bridge is 95 meters, width - about 4 meters. On the right Bank it rests on the watchtower.

At the end of the Second World war is a five-span Ponte Pietra and other bridges of Verona was blown up by retreating German troops, and in 1959 it was restored by lifting from the bottom of the original fragments. Of course, managed to find all the components, so the reconstruction there were used various materials in addition to white marble was used red brick, giving the building a special charm. Once the Ponte Pietra was the first stone bridge of Verona, and today it is the only Roman bridge still remaining in the city.