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Ponte Scaligero: photos, description (Ponte Scaligero)

Ponte Scaligero, built in Verona in 1355 by order of Cangrande II della Scala, connects the left Bank of the Adige river, with the castle of Castelvecchio. In the middle ages it was the chief approach to the fortress with the longest span in the world. Cangrande built this bridge with a view to ensure a safe path for retreat in case of a popular uprising against his tyrannical rule. According to legend, Cangrande awarded the architect of the bridge, Guglielmo Bevilacqua, the - a sword that once belonged to Saint Martin of Tours, one of the most revered saints of France. According to another legend, the Bevilacqua appeared at the opening ceremony of the bridge on horseback, in the event of the collapse of his brainchild to flee immediately, without waiting for the wrath of the powerful customer.

Concerns of the architect is not justified, and the strength of the design allowed the bridge to maintain its original appearance until the late 18th century, when French soldiers destroyed his tower on the left Bank of the river. And in 1945 the retreating German troops blew up the bridge Scaligero, along with some other strategic buildings of Verona. Fortunately, in 1949-1951, he was rebuilt using all of the found fragments.

Today the Castelvecchio bridge consists of 3 spans, starting from the pentagonal towers. The Central span is 50 meters long and the total length of the bridge is 120 meters. Its upper part is made of red brick, like most of the sights of Verona, the Scaliger era, and the bottom is of white marble.