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Mottola: photo description (Mottola)

Mottola is a town in the province of Padua in the Italian region of Puglia. It is located on a hill at an altitude of 387 metres above sea level, and therefore from any part of the city offers beautiful views of the Bay Tarentsky. The local economy is based on agriculture - there are grown olives, grapes, citrus and vegetables. Also developed tourism, and manufacturing of wood products.

The territory of Mottola was inhabited in the prehistoric period, as evidenced by the finds made during archaeological excavations in 1899, the year. In 1102, the year the city was destroyed after a popular uprising against the ruler of Marcello, and in the Middle ages Mottola was rebuilt. During the reign of the Normans, the city became a diocese, and remained so until 1818, the year when this title was transferred to Castellaneta.

Mottola boasts a typical Mediterranean climate: average January temperature is +5ºC, and in summer the air warms up to +28 º C. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit the city and also for various types of outdoor activities.

Mottola of the attractions worth noting are the Cathedral, built in the 13th century and extended in the 16th century. Also worth seeing is the cave of the Byzantine Church of the middle Ages - San Nicola, Santa Margherita, Sant'angelo and San Gregorio. In these ancient churches, frescoes with religious subjects.

The historical part of town with its narrow winding streets and little squares are very beautiful and surrounded by stone walls with prominent Baroque gates. The largest area of Mottola is the Piazza XX Settembre to square in the center and Palazzo Municipale of the 19th century. There are the former Cathedral of Santa Maria of the 12th century Church of the Madonna del Carmine, the Church of the Immaculate conception, the chapel of the virgin Mary of Constantinople and part of the ancient Greek walls 6-4-th centuries B. C. Should pay attention to the Arch Fanelli, standing on the same street - it dates back to the 15th century.

The surrounding area of Mottola dotted with karst caves, which are called "gravine and located mainly to the South of the city. The most famous of them are Forcella, San Biagio, Capo Gavito and Petrosa.