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Moena: photo description (Moena)

Moena - ski resort on the territory of the Italian valley of Val di Fassa in Trentino Alto Adige, from year to year becoming more and more popular. Locals love to tell a beautiful legend about the origin of the name of their town. They say that in ancient times, in the Dolomites there lived a dwarf king Laurino, who had a amazing garden with wonderful roses, presented to him by the sorceress Caleb. Laurino loved a simple girl named Moena, but the beauty is not long to reciprocate. And then the king kidnapped stroptimize and imprisoned her in his rose garden. Legend has it that, over time, Moena had that feeling to his captor, married him and bore three children. But once the magician Caleb led to the rose garden father of Moena, which caused the king to a duel and defeated him. Annoyed Laurino furious turned your beautiful garden into a formidable mountain peaks. Since these mountains were once a rose, at sunset painted in pink color is particularly pretty sight in the town of Moena, which was named for the beautiful Princess.

Today Moena is an emerging ski resort that often surprises its guests with... the lack of lifts! The nearest one is a 10-minute drive from the town, the benefit is accessible by a free ski-bass. Officially refers to Moena ski area Tre Valli, consisting of four skiing areas - Alpe Lusia, San Pellegrino, Falcade and Bellamonte. The total length of the local trails - about 27 km, of which 15 km are blue, suitable for beginners, 7 km - red, 4.5 km - to the sophisticated black. Serve track 8 modern lifts. Also in Moena there is a trail for bordercross, several ski schools, including for children, the snowy area and Babylandia Park for snowboarders. Guests can easily get to other resorts in Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme.

Moena is a very picturesque town, especially attractive in winter evenings, when he is buried in lights and adorned with illuminated ice and snow sculptures. Stand out with illumination and a separate old houses and churches. Perhaps only the famous "pink" sunsets might compete with this magnificence. Generally Moena attractive for its cozy atmosphere tucked in the heart of the village - historical center of the city with its Cathedral, medieval buildings and bridges does not remain without attention of tourists. Be sure to visit one of the numerous bars or restaurants of the town and try the local delicacy - cheese "Puzzone di Moena", whose name can be translated as "Venskaya stinky." Despite the distinctive smell, the cheese has an unusual taste.