/ / The museums of Palazzo dei PIO in Carpi: photo description (Musei del Palazzo dei Pio)

The museums of Palazzo dei PIO in Carpi: photo description (Musei del Palazzo dei Pio)

Museums Palazzo dei PIO Museum complex in the town of Carpi near Modena. Consists of three exhibits - Museum of the Palazzo, the City Museum and the Museum of deportees. They occupy premises with a luxurious Renaissance Palace, Palazzo dei PIO, which provides a rational and structured approach to acquaintance with the vast and varied historical and artistic heritage of the city of Carpi.

In the halls of the second floor of the Museum of Palazzo you can see the wall decorations Dating from the mid-15th - early 16th centuries, paintings of Giovanni del Sega and Bernardino Loski, court painters of Alberto III PIO, works from the Museum's collections devoted to the Renaissance culture in Carpi. All of the Museum's collection is divided into three sections: the main dedicated to the materials and paintings of the Renaissance - frescoes, clay products, stucco ceiling, etc. the Second section introduces the woodcuts - woodcuts: seven works of Ugo da Carpi, inventor of the method, as well as works by modern masters. The third section is the art gallery with paintings and drawings 15-20-th centuries.

City Museum introduces visitors to the cultural heritage and skilled work of the old Museum of Modena, established in 1898, the year. In the Museum was collected works reflecting the city's rich history over the centuries. Pottery, "scagliola" (stucco decorations) of the Renaissance, printed books, different documents, architectural and decorative elements from different buildings Carpi - all this and much more was collected by the Museum staff. A significant part of the collection was transferred to the Museum from private collections. In total, the City Museum houses more than 20 thousand exhibits.

Finally, from 1973, the year in Palazzo dei PIO you can learn about the dramatic period of the Second World war. The collection of the Museum of deportees located in the courtyard of the Palazzo and 13 rooms on the first floor. Here you can see graffiti by masters such as Longoni, Picasso, Guttridge, cagli and léger. On the walls are engraved the phrase from the letters of the sentenced members of the European Resistance. There are also some personal belongings of prisoners of concentration camps. The Museum exposition ends in the Hall of Names where engraved on the walls the names of more than 13 million Italians who died in the concentration camps of Europe.

To get to the museums of Palazzo dei PIO on the way from Modena to Brennero.