/ / The Museum of the great War: photos, description (Museo della Grande Guerra)

The Museum of the great War: photos, description (Museo della Grande Guerra)

The great War Museum in the resort town of Cortina d'ampezzo - this is a major tourist attraction, consisting of several exhibitions, which are located under the open sky. The first part, a small Museum, Lagazuoi, it is a real stone castle with towers, spiral staircases and military warehouses hidden inside. During the First World war the Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops dug in the mountain, Lagazuoi numerous trenches and shelters to store weapons and uniforms and hide themselves, transforming the mountain into the fortress of the 20th century. Today to get to this unique Museum on foot or by car. Here you can book a tour in Italian, German or English, during which tourists will acquaint with the exposition, which stretches for 650 metres in height. In winter, the Museum can be visited as part of a ski tour the Great War Ski Tour".

Another Museum dedicated to the First World war - the Cinque Torri. During the fighting, the Austrians turned the top of Sasso di Stria in a defensive fortress, where at night they made a sortie in Lagazuoi. In 1916, the year work began on the construction of the tunnel Goldinger, to get to that today, subrovskis the Fort Tre Sassi. This Fort also has its own history. At the end of the 19th century Austro-Hungarian Empire was planning the construction of a number of fortifications in the Dolomites, which was to deter a possible attack of Italians at Val Pusteria and Valle Isarco. And for the defense of the mountain crossing Valparola and built a Fort Tre Sassi. Its construction began in 1898, the year the Fort was equipped with 80-mm guns. Today you can see traces of past battles and old photographs of that time and documents.