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Museo Mandralisca: photos, description Museo Mandralisca)

Museo Mandralisca located on the same street in cefalù, named after the local native Baron Enrico Piraino di Mandralisca. He was born in 1809 to a wealthy family and spent his entire life collecting amazing works of art that can be seen today in the Museum. The Baron is very keen on art, but remained very attentive to the needs of a simple native inhabitants of cefalù. With my own money he built a school for children of peasants and fishermen. All their collections of Baron Mandralisca donated to the city with the only condition - to establish a Fund that would allow everyone to see gathered over many years of artwork.

Today this multidisciplinary Museum besides paintings, sculptures, coin collections and one of the richest in Europe Malacological collections contains numerous archaeological finds from the Aeolian Islands, on which the Baron himself excavated. It also exhibits pieces of furniture and valuables belonging to the family sea views. Part of the Museum is occupied by the library, which houses over six thousand volumes of books, two priceless incunabula (early printed books of the 15th century) and rare editions. In an art gallery among other things it is possible to see works of some painters of the Byzantine school, the wonderful panoramas of Venice and the famous "Portrait of unknown" that belongs to the brush of the greatest Sicilian painter Antonello da Messina. Malacologica collection presents more than 20 thousand exhibits of shells from around the world.