/ / Museum Gherdeina local heritage: photos, description (Museo della Val Gardena)

Museum Gherdeina local heritage: photos, description (Museo della Val Gardena)

Museum Gherdeina local heritage was opened in the town of Ortisei in the ski resort of Val Gardena in 1960-m to year. It is located in the building of Chaz di Ladin, which belongs to the Union of Ladin Germany" - cultural organization dedicated to the protection of rare Ladino language and the Ladino culture in Val Gardena (Gherdeina is the German name of Val Gardena). This building also has a library where you can find books and other publications in Ladin language.

The Museum's collection Germany acquaint visitors with natural and cultural heritage of the valley of Val Gardena. Occupying two floors of exhibits - is, above all, a famous local wood carving of the last three centuries, old wooden toys, a collection of local paintings, archaeological artifacts, fossils, minerals and specimens of local flora and fauna. At the entrance to the Museum you can see the Crucifixion of Ceracasa the work of the Baptist Walpole and Vincenzo Periti, oil paintings of Josef Moroder-Lusenberg and paintings by contemporary artist Franz Nilner.

The first exhibition hall dedicated to the original sculptures from St. James Church in Ortisei, the creation of which is attributed to Melchior and Cassian Venceram, the representatives of the local dynasty of carvers. From the same Church, was brought to the altarpiece depicting the virgin Mary with the Baby.

The second exhibition hall dedicated to the art of sculpture, and introduces visitors to the traditional Val Gardena wood-carving. Here you can see the work of the first dynasties the famous woodcarvers - Trebinger and Vinarov, sculpture of the 20th century, small statues of 18-20-th centuries - watch, caricatures, allegorical figures, cradles, figures of animals, etc. deserve Special attention 120 carved wooden statues - the work of Albina Pitcheder.

The third hall of the Museum Germany devoted to natural history. It is here that the visitors can get acquainted with the evolution of the geological structures of the Western Dolomites, to inspect the collection of fossils, minerals and fossils. Among the exhibits of this hall is the fossil remains of fish, colonies of ancient corals, various gastropods and prints the reconstructed skeleton of the ichthyosaur. In the same room, the exposition, dedicated to the local flora and fauna - there is a stuffed deer albino and Alpine birds, butterflies collection and herbarium.

A separate room is dedicated to prehistory of Val Gardena, and on the second floor of the Museum is the exhibition to the memory of Luiz Intelligence - writer, actor, Director and climber, native of Ortisei.