/ / Museum of folk culture: photos, description (Museum of Folk Culture)

Museum of folk culture: photos, description (Museum of Folk Culture)

The folk culture Museum in Cremona was opened in 1978 year on the farm, Campanino Vecchio, which in itself is a valuable item. The oldest part of the farm - the barn, consisting of six bays supported by round arches and by five Central small columns. The floor is made of baked clay, and original bedding for animals was converted. Other facilities located three pigsties and henhouse. Today the stall exhibited objects used for breeding animals.

The so-called "bugabira - Laundry - has two brick ovens, in which were located the metal boilers to boil water. From the activities of these furnaces on the walls and the roof of the Laundry survived the black plaque.

In one of the farm houses arranged exposition, acquainting with the environment of such structures in the past, and in another you can learn about the secrets of traditional Cremona cuisine. The house Manager can be recognized by a small bell tower on its roof, there are meeting facilities and a cooking school for children "Cookids". Finally, the main house of the estate is notable for the Central door that leads into the wide corridor for the reception, today in this and neighboring rooms conducted educational workshops and temporary exhibitions. In the center of the courtyard stands the current, which in the past dried grain, and "bakesale is a place for the storage of agricultural equipment.

In addition to the farm, Campanino Vecchio there is a new barn of seven bays and a loft for hay. In this room are exhibited objects intended for the care of horses and various equipment for field work. Finally, at the porch you can see a variety of vehicles. And next to the farm is the Church of the Beata Vergine di Caravaggio, which also can be viewed.