/ / Weapons Museum Luigi Marzoli: photos, description (Museo delle Armi)

Weapons Museum Luigi Marzoli: photos, description (Museo delle Armi)

Weapons Museum Luigi Marzoli created by Carlo Scarpa and built in 1988, located in the donjon of the castle of Brescia is one of the oldest parts of the castle built in the 14th century during the reign of the Visconti clan. It exhibits one of the most important in Europe, collections of ancient weapons and armor.

The ancient history of weapons production in Brescia presented in the Museum with the help of 580 items - swords, firearms, and gear. All of these things, the oldest of which date back to 1090 year, had been collected and bequeathed to the city by industrialist Luigi Marzoli, whose name is today a Museum. The greater part of the exhibits refers to the 15-18-th centuries they were collected in Brescia and Milan. Also in the Museum you can get acquainted with the military history of the region and see a large-scale military paintings. The main core of the collection was increased by 300 new items - in particular, firearms of the 19th century, who moved from the city Assembly.

Walk through the ten exhibition halls of the Museum in which the exhibits, it is best to start with an introduction to weapons of the 15th century was a time of cavalry, when the helmets and armour were of paramount importance. Among the rarest artifacts of the period - a huge Venetian helmet, Balaclava with visor in the shape of a dog muzzle and the sword of the 13th century - the oldest in the collection.

Collection of weapons of 16th century reflects the changes occurring in military tactics and methods of warfare. In that period it needed a lighter and more comfortable uniforms, like luxurious armour in maximiliansau style that literally "screaming" about himself with the help of the shiny curved surface. Then the weapons started to become the subject of not only military, but also an element of status and prestige is also reflected in the exhibition. Reconstruction in the "Deer room" - a cavalry escort with Hiking and horse soldiers with halberds and clubs - is deafening. And in the Room the Luxury of Weapons exhibited two round the front of the shield, one of which is dated 1563, is a work of art: both of the shield is decorated with a raised relief with gold flecks and a picture of the "Triumph of Bacchus".

An important place in the Museum's collection given to the collection of halberds, muskets, rifles, and other firearms - some of the exhibits made such recognized gunsmiths, as Chiminazzo, Keneally, da Fino and Equity. Also visitors to the Museum are weapons that are interested in art and architecture, you can admire the frescoes of the Visconti era that adorn the halls of the tower, and see the ruins of the Roman temple of the 1st century ad is all that remains from a temple complex that once stood on the hill, Cidneo.