/ / The Museum of Palazzo Bellomo: photos, description, Museo di Palazzo Bellomo)

The Museum of Palazzo Bellomo: photos, description, Museo di Palazzo Bellomo)

The Museum of Palazzo Bellomo is located on the island of Ortigia, Siracusa's historic centre. It was opened in 1948, but only in the 1970-ies was finally completed. Today, among the exhibits of the Museum are especially worth noting two sarcophagi of the rulers of the so-called Camera Reginale - type fief, which was inherited by the Queen of Sicily. The sarcophagi belong to Giovanni Labastida and Giovanni Cardenas. And the rich Pinacoteca is stored is written in 1474 painting "the Annunciation" painted by Antonio da Messina and a collection of silver jewelry.

The very Palazzo Bellomo is a luxurious Palace built in the 13th and 14th centuries. In the structure of the building are clearly seen two phases of its construction: the first relates to the reign of the family Sveva and has massive first floor with a Gothic portal. The upper floor was built in the 14th century, and it is strikingly different from the bottom. In 1365, the Palazzo became the property of the family Bellomo - of a Roman noble family who moved to Sicily after king, Federigo III of Aragon. It then appeared the top floor of the Palace, the architecture of which shows noticeable influence of Catalan art.

In 1722, the monks of the adjacent monastery of San Benedetto bought the Palazzo and adapted it for use as a storage room and a shared bedroom. Then, with the release of the 1866 law on expropriation, the building was returned to its original function. And in 1901, the Palazzo became the property of the Administration of fine arts, who initiated the first restoration work.

In 1948 it was decided to adapt the majestic Palace into a Museum, because in the National archaeological Museum, it was decided to separate collection, devoted to the middle ages and modern times, from the collections of prehistoric times and antiquity, and it needed a new building. After a long restoration work in October 2009, the Museum of Palazzo Bellomo with updated exhibits has opened its doors to the public.