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Museum Revoltella: photos, description (Museo Revoltella)

Revoltella Museum is an important modern art gallery, which grew from the personal collection of Baron Pasquale Revoltella. Baron, who began to collect works of art in 1872, the year, bequeathed his Palace and collections of his native Trieste. In addition to the buildings and the objects contained in it, he also left a considerable sum of money, which allowed annually to expand the Museum's collection and to create impressive works of art. The gallery contains a collection of paintings of Italian artists, which to the end of the 19th century included Morelli, Favretto, Nono, Palizzi, Previati, as well as paintings by European painters. At the turn of the century, thanks to the acquisitions made at the Venice Biennale, the collections the gallery was replenished by works of great value, for example, the famous painting by De Nittis "the lady with the dog" (1878).

In the 20th century, the Museum Revoltella continued to expand, becoming the prestigious and world-renowned cultural institution and an important meeting place for contemporary art. Here are the works of all the famous masters of Italian art of the last century, including Casorati, sironi, carrà, Matthes, Bolaffi, Morandi, De Chirico, manzù, Marini, Fontana and Burri. The Museum hosts exhibitions of international level, which make a significant contribution to the study of art of the past two centuries. In the 1960-ies the Museum Revoltella acquired the nearby Palazzo Brunner, where after a long restoration work (started in 1968-the year Carlo Scarpa and completed only in 1991 year opened a new exhibition hall, designed for the gallery of modern art.